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"I have spent the last 20 years teaching children, in and out of the
classroom, working with parents and researching learning materials
that are easy to use. I have created a set of comprehensive
workbooks to help you, the parent, help your child learn and
succeed in school. Please take a look at our website...and
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Your Child Wants To Learn

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Today, more than ever before, Knowledge IS Power...and the key to a bright future, to freedom, and to success. But the future is not always bright when your child struggles in school. They want to learn, but sometimes it is very difficult. Sometimes all they need is a little push in the right direction.

But sometimes they need a little more. It might be just a little help with the alphabet...or to work with them on their multiplication tables.

This is where you come in. More and more parents are taking an active role in their child's education. You can make a huge difference in your child's learning. You can help your child build the skill sets, the habits, and the attitudes they need to succeed.

All it takes is a little time from your busy schedule. We'll supply the tools to help you...you supply the patience, persistence and support to help them.

You, as parents, are your child's first and most influential teacher!
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