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About From Teacher To Parent

Ever since I can remember, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I admired my teachers growing up, and always wanted to help. When I finally went to college, I couldn’t wait to pass my exams, become professionally certified and begin teaching. The excitement of having my own classroom and my own students, and most importantly, being able to make a difference in their lives, was all a little overwhelming.

As a teacher, I’ve worked with children in many capacities. I taught 2nd grade at a private school for 12 years. Taught remediation at a learning center near my home, and worked with young children in a special school for children with learning disabilities. Besides teaching in the classroom, I also tutored students after school for most of those years. And I am still tutoring students today.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Sociology, which has helped me understand the relationship between parents and teachers, children and teachers, and children and parents. All of these interactions, that happen daily in school, are critical in achieving success for your child’s education.

Just as important, I learned a lot about parents. I have a good understanding of what parents want and expect from their child’s education. I know that as parents, you want to always stay abreast of what your child is learning and how they are learning. The more a parent is aware of what their child is doing in school, the easier it is for them to help their child at home.

I have countless examples of how much better a child does in school when the parents are involved in their child’s learning. I know that most parents want to be more involved at home....but they need help. So I want to help you tutor your child.

I created something that you can easily understand and work closely with, when helping your child with their studies. I have created a complete training aid for YOU, the parent, to help YOU help your child. I know for certain that you will benefit tremendously from this workbook, and in turn your child will benefit more than you can imagine.

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