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Teacher To Parent Workbooks

As parents we all want our children to succeed in school. Yet when our children aren’t succeeding and need help, what do we do? A few extra worksheets from the teacher can only help so much, and there is usually only a limited amount of instruction. There is nothing to help you, the parent, work with your child easily and comfortably. You question the materials that you purchase or get on-line because they are not explained to you thoroughly. It can sometimes leave you feeling uncertain or confused as to whether or not your child really understood something because you really didn’t understand it yourself. You ask yourself if that was enough review and is that all you can do to help your child with something. And forget the Internet, the number of educational and tutorial aides available on line can be tremendously overwhelming. Deciding which tools will be most effective and what will suit your child’s unique learning curve requires an education all its own. That’s why I’ve developed the Teacher to Parent Workbooks. I have carefully and diligently compiled learning materials and important information for Math, Science, Reading, Language Arts, and Social Studies. They are all designed to help you, as the parent, understand your child’s lessons, therefore allowing you to easily assist and assess them with their learning.

Through my own personal experience as a teacher, tutor, and parent, and having collaborated with other teachers and educators regarding learning habits and comprehension techniques, I feel these workbooks will provide the perfect combination of tools and tips that will allow you to define clear educational objectives, improve your child's learning and comprehension skills, and provide meaningful support and reinforcement at home. Everything you need is at your fingertips...no more searching through a maze of websites - no more shopping around for books, tutorial aides and sample material - no more wasted time and money - with Teacher to Parent Workbooks you'll have all the tools you need to become your child's best tutor. You’ll always know exactly what your child needs to learn and how well they are learning it.

Every child is unique in how they learn, what they absorb, and why some techniques work better than others. Therefore it is not uncommon for children to need extra instruction and reinforcement at home on various subjects taught at school. These workbooks provide dozens of activities and worksheets that will positively broaden your child's learning skills, and at the same time, keep them entertained and stimulated. Whether it is puzzles, games, word problems, arts and craft ideas or holiday fun sheets that you need, you will find educational materials, skill builders, and teaching tips on every school subject there is. Teacher to Parent Workbooks are a fun, simple and unique approach to helping your child learn and be successful.

I invite you to download the sample workbook pages I have provided as a sneak peek of what is available for Grades K thru 8. The Teacher to Parent Workbooks are available for purchase for each grade and for each subject. Each workbook comes with a complimentary workbook that contains numerous guides, tips, important school information, charts, lists, graphic organizers and much more. These will help you understand your child's lessons better, so you can help them. I am confident that the Teacher to Parent Workbooks will become the most valuable educational tool you'll have ever invested in for your child. When it comes to your child's education, nothing is more important.

Please note...we are rewriting our entire Teacher To Parent Workbook series. At this time, we have completed the First, Second and Third Grade Reading Workbooks and will be uploading Kindergarten Reading shortly. Please check back occasionally for new arrivals.

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